Monday, September 20, 2010

Skin Food Make Up Review: Apple Can Multi Blusher

Skin Food is fast becoming my number 1 'go to' beauty
in Korea. I just love it and have seldom been let down by the products I have purchased from their range. The selling point of Skin Food is that they use natural food ingredients in their hair, skincare and cosmetic products and fitting to this most of the packaging will be decorated with pictures of the fruit or vegetable ingredient in that particular product along with a distinct perfume of the ingredient. So far so 'The Body Shop'. However, while The Body Shop do also feature fruit and vegetables heavily in their ingredients and product marketing I feel that Skin Food really takes the concept and runs with it. Beer Hop hair wash anyone? Or how about Yam face emulsion? Haha, really the sky's the limit with the range of food ingredients they use and I do feel like I am getting the full benefit of wholesome, natural, earthy goodness when I use anything from their range on my skin.

Even though I am hardcore about the skin and body care from Skin Food I have held off from trying out any of the cosmetics until a recent trip to Seoul where I visited a much larger Skin Food store than the one I have in my hometown of Gangneung. The cosmetic line held in my local store is pretty small and I don't know why but I've never really stopped to test out the stuff before- I think I'm always
so blinded by the dozens of lotions and potions for my face and body! However, I read a review on Musings of a Muse (one of my faves) on the Salmon Dark Circle Concealer Cream which was favourable so when I spotted it in the large Seoul branch of Skin Food I popped it in my basket along with the Apple Can Multi Blusher which instantly caught my eye when I saw it and I will review this product here.....

Apple Can Multi Blusher- shade #4

What the tin says: A multi-color blusher that performs as both cheek blush and blush highlighter, enabling easy application to contour your cheekbones and bring out your eyes.

What made me instantly pick up this item was the combination of colours in the tin. I am so in love with the current trend for peach and coral tones right now so the blend of pink through dark coral to soft peach in the tin appealed to me instantly and they show up a gorgeous light pink/coral shade against my fair skin. I am so pleased with this mix of colours! This particular shade is #4, there are 3 other colour trios in the range which are darker and lighter variations of this one. The tin is a very cute dusty peach colour with an apple design printed on the label. Inside the tin is very deep with the blush pan lying very flat at the bottom. The rest of the tin was filled up with a big white fluffy puff applicator which, as true with most 'comes with' cosmetic applicators, was completely useless as an applicator and went straight in the bin. I use a MAC 109 brush for all my blushers and I don't think I'll be replacing that with a big white poofie ball anytime soon! Inside the lid of the tin is a very decent mirror, big and clear enough to use for cheek applications and while you hold the tin close enough to your face to apply your blush you can breathe in the most delicately delicious appley smell. Seriously, the scent on this blush is just heavenly, just like sweet fresh apples. If it were bottled into a scent I would buy it and wear it and I love that my blusher brush now smells like apples!

Overall rating for this product: 5/5

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  1. i wish you showed some pics with it on you haha, im thinking of purchasing this product. it looks quite nice~
    PINKIVORYS- click for korean beauty and kpop~ ^^