Monday, September 27, 2010

Review: Missha Oven Pop Blush (& what's the deal with these "baked" cosmetics anyway?)

On another recent splurge at Missha I was stopped dead in my circuit around the cosmetic island by the delectable line of Oven Pop Blushers that were winking and making eyes at me from the display. Even though I could have swept the whole lot into my basket with frightening ease I managed to suppress my compulsion and selected just 1 blush from the 4 colour range. The colour I chose was No. 3 Light Pink, although why they decided this colour is related to the Pink family is beyond me because to my eye the colour is more alligned to the Apricot clan.

Pictures are below and, once again, many sorries for the shoddy quality of my pictures (I have had a Lomography Diana Camera perched ripely at the top of my WishList for the longest of times).

So as I said the colour is a very beautiful dusky shade of apricot and if you look closely you can see miniscule flecks of gold within the blush powder which gives a very subtle highlighting effect when you swatch. The packaging is very pretty, it's set within a circular pearlescent case, although I'm not loving the screw top lid. It's impractical and a time waster, stick with the flip top lid in future guys!

Overall though I am very impressed by this blush and I am kinda keen to pick up 1 or 2, ok all of the remaining colours in the line so I can try em out!

Rating: 5/5

It occured to me before writing this review that I actually have no clue what the difference or benefit, if any, there is in the swathes of "baked" or "oven" blushes, bronzers, shadows and powders that have infiltrated our makeup counters of late. As far as the eye can tell the only perceivable difference is that baked cosmetic goods have a domed surface while regular powdered makeups lie flat and pressed in the pan and I'm guessing the makeup is somehow "baked" at some point during it's production. Apart from that I have no idea.

So, I ask, what's the deal with these baked cosmetics anyway? I decided to do a little research....

Interesting fact #1~ Yes, the makeup is literally baked in an oven
In Italy, no less, and on top of teracaotta discs. Like a Pizza!

Interesting fact #2~ The baking process improves the quality of the makeup
So it's not just a gimmick. The process of slow baking reduces the talc content, making for a more pliable, lightweight powder. Not only that, the baking process intenisifies the pigment and leaves you with a more rich, easily buildable colour.

Interesting fact #3~ The domed surface allows for a better distribution of colour
Apparantly sweeping a brush over a flat surface leads to too much product being picked up and thus a heavy colour application on the face. The domed shape allows for a more even amount of powder to be collected onto the brush and therefore a smoother application of powder to the skin surface.

Interesting fact #4~ Baked powders won't crumble
Ever opened your MAC bronzer compact only to find the contents have exploded during some inexplicable knock to the case and half of it falls squarely into your lap? Well no more, another perk of the baking process is that the powder binds more firmly together. No crumbly, powdery mess. Yes!

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