Sunday, September 19, 2010

Another Skin Food haul ...

I just spent the weekend in Seoul with the bf and a few friends and so I, of course, couldn't leave for home without picking up a few goodies for my face ^.^
The love motel which we stay at in Sinchon is conveniently situated right next door to a frankly huge Skin Food establishment. It's huge in comparison to my local store in the town that I live in anyway which is limited in both size and stock and the staff at my local one just love to pounce on me the minute I walk through the door and linger while I'm trying to read labels, test, smell and generally appreciate the gorgeous delights lining the shelves. This is a pet peeve of mine; it's a very personal pleasure I take in perusing cosmetics and I do NOT require 'helpful' company while I do it! The moment I'm aware I'm being trailed and having someone explaining the product that I can figure out quite easily myself how the hell it works my only desire is to put said product back down and walk away. It's bad for business I tell ya!

Anyhoo, rant over, I'm sure they only do it too because they get so excited over a foreigner in their store sometimes. But in the Sinchon store I was left blissfully to my own devices and was able to pick up some much saught after items that are not on the shelves in my store back home.

Skin Food haul items:

  • Apple Can Multi Blush- shade #4
  • Goat Milk & Lavender Body Oil
  • Bronzing Oil
  • Shea Butter Hair Mask
  • Salmon Dark Circle Concealer Cream

& as you can see in the second picture I as usual got a whole bunch of delicious testers to try out too!!

I did have the Pomegranate Scalp Hair Pack tester too which I was really excited to try out but unfortunatley I had to donate it to my boyfriend who was woefully bemoaning from the hotel shower about the lax quality of the shampoo provided. His hair did smell delicious the rest of the day though ^o^

List of freebies:

  • Facial water Vita-C Cream
  • Red Bean BB Cream
  • Apple Vinegar Fresh Foam
  • Ancient Rice Emulsion
  • Omija whitening cream
  • Black raspberry Eye Cream

I am going to start putting up reviews on some of these items pretty soon. I think I will start with the cosmetic items in this haul; I have already started using the Apple Can Blush and Salmon Dark Circle Cream and am so far extremely impressed with the results acheived from using these. Also, I can't WAIT to try out the bronzing/tanning oil. I almost squealed aloud with delight when I found this one as I have been searching out a tanning cream/oil ever since I got to Korea a YEAR ago and for a whole year cursed myself for not bring a supply of St. Tropez with me as the Korean summer has been pretty pants for actual sun this year. This= pasty white legs which look most unflattering against the pretty skirts and dresses I have been wanting to wear in the warm weather. I really hope this bronzing oil does a good trick. I'll do a write up on it after my first dabble.

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